MAC Continues Work for Mom’s House of Toledo

Since becoming a client in early 2016, Mom’s House has kept The MadAveCollective team busy!

We’ve provided design, copywriting, printing and mailing services for several projects, including:

  • A new brochure
  • 25th Anniversary campaign collateral
  • Annual appeal mailer

This year, we’ll be updating the website, developing additional print materials for their 25th anniversary campaign, creating a promotional video and more.

Mom’s House empowers young families to break the cycle of poverty. This unique organization provides state-certified childcare and pre-school programs that allow young mothers to finish their own educations, hosts parent education classes, and offers licensed counseling services, tutoring, and legal advocacy.

Mom’s House has helped more than 250 families achieve their educational goals, and we’re thrilled to help develop marketing materials that further their mission. You can help too, by donating wish list items, making a financial gift, or volunteering.

MAC Opens Photography Studio

Dedicated studio space is a holy grail for many photographers. It’s something they want and need, but it’s often out of reach for financial reasons. Even renting photography studio space can throw up a roadblock for projects with slim budgets.

At the MadAveCollective, we have a special place in our hearts for those with limited budgets and big dreams, so we built a photography studio in our coworking space!

It’s part of our ongoing efforts to cultivate creative talent in the Toledo area and provide them with resources to fulfill their projects.

For more information about the MAC Photography Studio, contact Nikki Kellers at 419/724-7345 or

MAC Signs New Client, Dental Center of Northwest Ohio

The MadAveCollective extends a warm welcome to our newest client, the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio.

Under the leadership of Executive Director Lindy Cree, DCNWO provides oral health services for underserved children and adults in Northwest Ohio, promotes the value of good oral health through education, and advocates for those with limited access to dental care.

MAC will be helping with their efforts to recruit dental care professionals and improve community awareness about the organization. We’ll be redesigning and rebuilding their website, establishing a monthly email program, producing video and much more.

We’re honored that DCNWO has chosen to work with us on these marketing initiatives, and we’re excited to share in their growth and evolution.

If you’d like to get involved with the Dental Center of Northwest Ohio as a volunteer, dental care professional, or donor/sponsor, call 419-241-1644.

MAC Working with Bethany House of Toledo

Bethany House became a client of the MadAveCollective in early 2016.

One of their most pressing issues was that their website wasn’t being displayed in search engine results pages. After auditing their website, we recommended and implemented several search engine optimization changes that improved their visibility and increased their visitor traffic by 44% in just one month.

We’re continuing our work with Bethany House in 2017, developing a case for support that will complement their fundraising efforts for the next several years. MAC is providing design, copywriting and printing services for this project, and we’re excited to share the finished piece with you!

Bethany House—the only shelter of its kind in Northwest Ohio—provides long-term transitional housing and support programs for individuals and children escaping domestic violence. We’re moved by the Bethany House mission, and we’re privileged to be helping their team share it with the Toledo community.

As a nonprofit organization, Bethany House is always searching for dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Learn how you can help here or call 419-727-4948 for information.

Toilet Papering Houses for the Holidays

As part of our annual giving tradition, the MadAveCollective and MadAveGroup adopt a charitable organization to support during the Christmas season.

This year, we had trouble choosing just one organization to help, so we chose three.

Since we work with these nonprofit organizations we realized that much of the giving that happens during this time of year is directed toward the people an organization serves.

But we know that these organizations have needs, too, so we approached our gifts to them a little differently.

We asked the Executive Directors “what’s the one item you really need that doesn’t get donated?” Turns out, what they all need most is paper products, like toilet paper.

So, our agency teams contributed to a single giving fund, and we reached out to Friends Business Source to find out how much toilet paper we could buy. We purchased 17 cases, each containing 96 rolls, and Friends loved the idea so much, they contributed a case, too.

And that’s how we toilet papered houses this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our team to yours!

MAC Turkeys for Seagate Food Bank

Seagate Food Bank hosts an annual Stuff the Truck event to collect Thanksgiving fixin’s for families in Northwest Ohio. During marketing meeting with their team, MAC learned that the food bank needed turkeys more than anything.

So, we activated all the turkeys at MadAveGroup and the MadAveCollective to donate funds to help Seagate Food Bank buy turkeys.

Our teams gave enough money to provide 50 turkeys to area families in need!

Seagate Food Bank provides 15 million pounds of food to more than 120,000 people in Toledo-area communities every month at no cost to the recipients. The organization relies solely on donations to feed our neighbors in need, and they will undoubtedly appreciate your support. Consider making a donation today.