MAC Continues Work for Mom’s House of Toledo

MAC Continues Work for Mom’s House of Toledo

June 3, 2017

Since becoming a client in early 2016, Mom’s House has kept The MadAveCollective team busy!

We’ve provided design, copywriting, printing and mailing services for several projects, including:

  • A new brochure
  • 25th Anniversary campaign collateral
  • Annual appeal mailer

This year, we’ll be updating the website, developing additional print materials for their 25th anniversary campaign, creating a promotional video and more.

Mom’s House empowers young families to break the cycle of poverty. This unique organization provides state-certified childcare and pre-school programs that allow young mothers to finish their own educations, hosts parent education classes, and offers licensed counseling services, tutoring, and legal advocacy.

Mom’s House has helped more than 250 families achieve their educational goals, and we’re thrilled to help develop marketing materials that further their mission. You can help too, by donating wish list items, making a financial gift, or volunteering.