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Since becoming a client in early 2016, Mom’s House has kept The MadAveCollective team busy!

We’ve provided design, copywriting, printing and mailing services for several projects, including:

A new brochure
25th Anniversary campaign collateral
Annual appeal mailer

This year, we’ll be updating the website, developing additional print materials for their 25th anniversary

Dedicated studio space is a holy grail for many photographers. It’s something they want and need, but it’s often out of reach for financial reasons. Even renting photography studio space can throw up a roadblock for projects with slim budgets.

At the MadAveCollective, we have a special place in our hearts

Bethany House became a client of the MadAveCollective in early 2016.

One of their most pressing issues was that their website wasn’t being displayed in search engine results pages. After auditing their website, we recommended and implemented several search engine optimization changes that improved their visibility and increased their visitor traffic

As part of our annual giving tradition, the MadAveCollective and MadAveGroup adopt a charitable organization to support during the Christmas season.

This year, we had trouble choosing just one organization to help, so we chose three.

Mom’s House
Bethany House
Family House

Since we work with these nonprofit organizations we realized that

Seagate Food Bank hosts an annual Stuff the Truck event to collect Thanksgiving fixin’s for families in Northwest Ohio. During marketing meeting with their team, MAC learned that the food bank needed turkeys more than anything.

So, we activated all the turkeys at MadAveGroup and the MadAveCollective to donate funds to