Mom’s House

Mom’s House

Collateral Design/Printing

This year, Mom’s House is celebrating 25 years of paving the way to a life without poverty for young families in Toledo. Their leadership team is small and has long struggled with producing the marketing materials needed to support their programs and fundraising efforts.

Telling A Story

The first priority was to redesign their brochure to better communicate the organization’s mission and the value of their programs. The brochure will be available throughout and handed out at events to raise awareness of how Mom’s House serves our city.

Telling A Story

As Mom’s House began their 25th anniversary fundraising campaign, they needed a Case for Support to present to potential donors.

We designed an eight-page magazine-style document that highlights the need for funding and the social and financial impact of the organization’s work. It also outlines their plans for the future.

In addition, we designed and printed accompanying components for the 25th anniversary fundraising campaign, including:

  • Pledge cards
  • Return envelopes
  • Giving level flyers

“As a nonprofit organization, budgets are always at the forefront and MadAveCollective was able to offer excellent pricing that fit our budget for work that was extraordinary.

They took the heartbeat of what we do and how we do it, and produced an amazing Case for Support that communicated our story thoroughly. We are thankful for this partnership and look forward to continued work in the future.

Thank you for everything!”

Christina Rodriguez

Executive Director

Mom’s House